Discretionary Charges: The Public View

Concerned about your fees and charges and those of your competitors? Compeer has designed a product to assist you in this area, allowing you to directly compare your discretionary charges with other wealth management firms.

Since MiFID II introduced transparency of fees and charges, the temperature has been raised for individual wealth management firms and private banks. More firms are concerned about how competitive their fees are, particularly in a long-running bull market that looks under threat from multiple sources over the next 12-18 months.

Compeer is gathering all the discretionary portfolio management charges both bespoke and MPS from wealth management firms in the public domain, as well as minimum investment requirements, both for direct client relationships and via professional advisers. An interactive Excel tool allows full what-if comparisons, showing the effect of fee changes across the industry. The data is updated twice-yearly.

Example Documents

Please find below links to download examples of Compeer’s report and comparison tool for Discretionary Charges.

Example Discretionary Charges Report

Download an example template for the discretionary charges report for wealth managers.

Discretionary Charges Comparison Tool

Download a working example of the comparison tool, select the firms you want to include, adjust the parameters and watch the table and charts update automatically.

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