Compeer Reports

Example Reports & Research

Please find below links to samples of a selection of Compeer’s reports and some of our research findings from recent conferences.

Annual Report

A management summary report highlighting key business performance metrics against the market as a whole and your selected peer group.

Quarterly Report

An overview of the latest trends in the sector with market share, growth and ranking analyses. This download is an example of a report for an execution only stockbroker. A different template applies for a wealth manager.

Monthly Report

The monthly report outlines trade and revenue statistics against a group of specialist execution only stockbrokers.

Remuneration Management Summary

A detailed summary of the latest trends in remuneration packages across all participants in surveys. Find out about the benefits on offer, pay group analyses, turnover levels and future expectations.

Competitor Profile

A two page profile of a wealth management firm, based entirely on information in the public domain at the point of production.

XO Charges Report

A sample from the XO charges report, with any changes from the previous month highlighted as part of the update.

Research Findings: Yearly Review 2017

The latest findings from the yearly review of Wealth Management showing trends in business performance measures.

Research Findings: Front Office of the Future

The research findings from interviews with Heads of Front Office discussing developments in the front office and how the structure, processes and services may change going forward.

Research Findings: WealthTech 2017

Latest research from the WealthTech 2017 conference discussing the death of legacy systems, based on interviews with C-level staff and Heads of IT at wealth management firms.

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