Business Performance Benchmarking

Compeer benchmarks the business performance of over 160 wealth managers, private banks and stockbrokers. No other benchmarking survey of this detail is undertaken in the UK. Our clients have found Compeer’s recommendations and analysis of their business to be essential for improving their profitability and service to the clients.

Our benchmarking services are outlined below:

Annual and Quarterly Benchmarking Service

Approximately 50% of the industry (80+ firms) participate directly in our annual and quarterly benchmarking services, with the remaining firms’ data collected from official documents in the public domain to form our annual Industry Report. The benchmarking services comprise:

The annual report is compiled from more than 200 data items of information sourced by each of our clients. This provides a detailed comparison against the market as a whole and also against a self selected peer group of the client’s choosing (5+ firms). Firms may request more than one report, based on different peer groups. e.g. one group of current competitors and one of future competitors.

The quarterly report provides a more tactical view and requires firms to provide a reduced data set.

Absolute confidentiality of an individual firm’s information is guaranteed.

Monthly Benchmarking Service

The monthly service is exclusively for execution only (XO) stockbrokers. The service provides an excellent monitor of market share of revenues and trades within the XO sector.

Example Documents

Please find below links to download examples of Compeer’s benchmarking reports and guides.

Download our benchmarking methodology

Find out the methodology behind Compeer’s benchmarking service, including our approach to the service, the use of sophisticated peer grouping and repeating the process over multiple years.

Download our example Annual Report

A management summary report highlighting key business performance metrics against the market as a whole and your selected peer group.

Download our example Monthly Report

The monthly report outlines trade and revenue statistics against a group of specialist execution only stockbrokers.

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