Investor & PFA Research

Compeer has access to a panel of high net worth and mass affluent investors and Professional Financial Advisors (PFAs), who are available to interview either online or by phone on any topic. Compeer can provide assistance with the questionnaire, with the client having the final say. As all members of the panel have agreed to be interviewed, the turnaround of results is fast.

This research is regularly used and has allowed clients to refocus their products and tailor offerings to be aligned with investor needs, as well as improving distribution via intermediaries.

We regularly survey mass affluent (£50k – £250k investible assets), affluent (£250k – £1m) and high net worth (£1m – £10m) investors, across a range of service, product and industry issues, via both multi-client and bespoke studies. The information is particularly valuable when compared to client feedback on the same subjects, including gaps in potential clients’ knowledge and understanding. Compeer also organises focus groups of affluent or high net worth investors for in-depth discussion.

We also offer online research of PFA’s opinions on any wealth management-related topic. However, we also offer an established research methodology that is designed to enable a client to optimise their relationships with PFAs, leading to increased levels of business and client loyalty. There is a very high degree of correlation between implementing the conclusions proposed by the research and the client growing their business, largely due to the detail provided across a wide range of influences on buyer behaviour.

Example Documents

Please find below links to e-brochures containing our latest investor research findings presented at our clients’ view conferences.

Download our Brochure: The Value of Brand

Brand is becoming increasingly important and the investors shared their views of how they value the brand of a wealth management provider and what is likely to impact it going forward.

Download our Brochure: Should I stay or should I go?

Find out the key drivers behind investors selecting a particular wealth manager and what then makes them stay for the long-term. Also, with consolidation apparent in the industry, how do mergers / acquisitions impact the likeliness of investors remaining with the firm.

Download our Brochure: Brexit, The Consequences

The shock result of the Brexit referendum means we now have to implement a massive change to our economic and trade relations over the next 2 years. Find out how the investors reacted and whether they will be shifting their investment intentions.

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