Wealth Management Fees: The Real Charges

The wealth management industry is as competitive as ever and fee transparency is on the rise. It is therefore vitally important to have a competitive charging structure as clients are now more aware of what other providers are offering.

Compeer will be analysing the charges quoted to prospective clients by over 40 of the largest players in the wealth management industry, going beyond what is shown in rate cards in the public domain. There will be a series of client profiles investigated, with the initial profile to focus on discretionary services (both bespoke and via a Managed Portfolio Service (MPS)).

With this information a charge comparison tool will be provided in which your firm can dynamically compare your charges with this group of your major competitors. Additional functionality allows you to compare charges across multiple client wealth bands in one instance, highlighting your firm’s areas of competitive strength and weakness when it comes to fees. The tool also allows you to model any new charging structure.

Example Documents

Please find below links to download examples of Compeer’s report and comparison tool for Discretionary Charges.

Example Wealth Management Charges Report

Download an example template for the wealth management charges report.

Wealth Management Charges Comparison Tool

Download a working example of the comparison tool, select the firms you want to include, adjust the parameters and watch the table and charts update automatically.

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